Best House Plants For Students

By Sarah A

In just a few weeks students will be flocking back to university towns in cars filled with duvets and books ready to take on another year of study. One thing that could really make new student accommodation feel like home is a house plant. 

After receiving their A-level results last week (August 18th), 18-year-olds up and down the country will be thinking about what they will take with them to their new halls of residence. Of course, being their first time living away from home, they are likely to feel a little apprehensive about the move. 

This is why buying a snake plant could be a good idea. This is known to be good as a reminder to survive through difficult times, mainly because they need very little attention or care themselves to survive. This is ideal for students, as they don’t have to worry about watering them a lot. 

Healthline states: “Snake plants serve as a reminder that even when you may feel alone or experiencing a difficult time, you can still choose to grow through and survive even the hardest situations.”

Another popular choice among students is lavender, as its fragrance can help relieve stress or anxiety, which may be relevant to those who are nervous about their big university adventure. 

Aloe is a good plant to have as well, thanks to being really easy to care for and offering a plethora of health benefits. Not only do its leaves help with skin wounds, such as burns and scars, but it can also detoxify the surrounding air, removing harmful chemicals from the atmosphere. 

For more plants to help settle a loved one in at uni, contact our plant shop in Brighton today.