The Benefits of House Plants

By Sarah A

There are many advantages to owning a house plant or two. Brighton plant shop customers will be aware that there are several different plants in many varieties to choose from. But are some plants better than others? What are the real benefits of giving your home a little bit of green?

One important thing to consider first is just where in the house your plants will be going. In the bedroom, for example, having greenery around can boost your mood, improve air quality and reduce stress.

To truly help out with a good night's sleep it is recommended that your bedroom be populated with air purifying plants that release oxygen and filter out toxins in the air. For this purpose, a good spider or dragon plant is recommended, along with English Ivy and Aloe Vera.

A nice peace lily is always a good choice. In a smaller bedroom, these can be placed on the bedside cabinet or table, making this beautiful plant the first thing you see when you wake up. This particular plant is tolerant of many light levels, but it is worth noting that the more light a peace lily receives, the more flowers it will grow.

The bedroom is, of course, not the only place that can benefit greatly from a little green infusion. The kitchen is one of the more neglected rooms of the house when it comes to adding plants, but if you spend a lot of time cooking and preparing meals it is worth it to create a calming kitchen atmosphere.

One plant which is perfect for a steamy kitchen is the Golden Pothos, also known as devil's ivy. This plant can survive on very little water, which makes it perfect if you are forgetful. Similarly, the ZZ plant, another air purifier, is one that only needs to be watered every two weeks. A good, low-maintenance plant for the busy cook or chef.

There are other distinct advantages to having a nice plant in the kitchen. During these humid summer months, flies and other insects can get into the kitchen and become a real nuisance. For this reason, it might be worth considering a Venus Fly Trap. Why let your kitchen be held hostage by buzzing little annoyances when you can have a plant that handily takes care of the problem?

It is a fact that since the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown we have become more inclined to buy plants and care for them at home. Sales of house plants soared in 2021, and this trend does not look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

Having plants in the house is aesthetically pleasing and certainly helps with air quality. Moreover, caring for plants in your own home has been shown to be a big booster for mental health, positivity, and productivity. With all the benefits house plants bring it is worth finding the perfect ones for your home.