Tips For Caring For Houseplants During Heatwaves

By Sarah A

It is only July and the UK has already experienced a record-breaking heatwave this summer, so if you want tips on how to look after your houseplants in case there are more spells of exceptional sunny weather, read on. 

Earlier this week (July 19th), the UK experienced the highest temperature on record, with the mercury in Coningsby peaking at 40.3C by mid-afternoon. Indeed, it was the first time the Met Office has ever had to issue a Red Extreme Heat warning, as the severe temperature can have adverse health effects, as well as logistical complications. 

As well as making sure you look after yourself in such high temperatures, many homeowners would be keen on giving their houseplants appropriate care, so they survive a few days of blistering heat. 

Firstly, it is essential to keep them hydrated with regular watering without making the soil too soggy, as this can drown some plants. Instead, keep them misted by spraying water on to their leaves daily. 

AbcFlora told House Beautiful readers to water them in the morning or evening, as it is cooler at these times. 

While you might want to position yourself next to a blowing fan, it is wise to keep your plants away from them, as the air can dry out the soil or damage petals on delicate plants. 

It is a good idea to move them away from direct sunlight, as the strong rays can burn the leaves of sensitive plants, such as dragon trees, Swiss cheese plants and spider plants, Stylish reports.

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