Get ready to fall in love with the adorable and fuzzy wonder of the plant kingdom - the Bear's Paw Succulent Cotyledon! With its velvety, paw-shaped leaves that resemble tiny bear paws, this delightful succulent is sure to steal your heart from the very first glance. Native to South Africa, it brings a touch of untamed charm to any space, and its low-maintenance nature makes it the perfect companion for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and green thumbs-in-training. Embrace the wild side of greenery with the Bear's Paw Succulent Cotyledon and let it add a paw-some touch to your collection! 

 Perfect for Bright windowsills
Light required Bright indirect light is good but can tolerate full sun.
Water required Only water when fully dry. Approximately every 10 days
Toxicity Toxic if eaten
Origin South Africa
Grows to 30cm indoors
Pot size tip Choose a pot cover with a 12cm opening

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