Calling all coffee junkies! We have the perfect friend for you! Coffea Arabica has attractive lush green leaves that grows in opposite pairs along narrow stems. This is not just a pretty plant, the shiny green leaves help purify the air too! 

Under ideal conditions Coffea Arabica produce white flowers which eventually turn into little coffee cherries. Coffee plants should be enjoyed for their foliage as fruiting is difficult to achieve at home. 


All our plants come without pots, but can be added. If you'd like the pot that's pictured with the plant, just press 'with pot' and we'll add it to your order. If you'd like to browse all the pots we stock, please visit our pots page.

Perfect for

 Steamy kitchens or cafes
Water required When the top quarter of the soil is dry
Light required  Likes bright indirect light but with tolerate light shade
Humidity Loves high humidity. If unable to keep it in a humid room most it frequently or stand on a pebble tray
Toxicity All parts of the plant are toxic apart from the coffee 
Grows to
In the wild coffee plants can reach up to 8m in height but at home they will typically reach around a metre tall and bush out.
Origin Southern Africa and Asia
Pot size tip Choose a pot cover with a 9cm opening. This plant includes the coffee mug in the photo.