Ficus Abidjan Rubber Plant

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Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just beginning your green journey, Ficus abidjan offers an opportunity to showcase a visually engaging and delightful plant that adds a touch of sophistication and nature's beauty to any indoor setting.

Perfect for  Bright offices and neglectful owners
Light required Bright indirect sunlight is best. Can tolerate some full sun.
Water required Water when the soil is completely dry. Tell tale signs of a thirsty Abidjan Fig is slightly curly leaves
Toxicity Toxic if eaten. The sap is poisonous which can rarely cause irritation to the skin.
Grows to 4 metres when grown indoors
Origin India and Indonesia
Pot size tip Choose a pot cover with a 14cm opening

All our plants come without pots, but can be added. If you'd like the pot that's pictured with the plant, just press 'with pot' and we'll add it to your order. If you'd like to browse all the pots we stock, please visit our pots page.