Ficus Robusta 'Belize Rubber Plant'

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Ficus Ruby is a fantastic low maintenance houseplant with striking foliage. A 70s classic which remains timeless. Ficus ruby make great ornamental houseplants and its striking waxy foliage may be just the thing for you.

All our plants come without pots, but can be added. If you'd like the pot that's pictured with the plant, just press 'with pot' and we'll add it to your order. If you'd like to browse all the pots we stock, please visit our pots page.

Perfect for

 Any bright room especially office spaces
Light required Bright indirect light. Will tolerate a few hours of direct sun 
Water required Only water when most of the soil is dry in the summer months. In winter allow all of the soil to dry out in between watering
Considered toxic due to the latex sap inside the plant. 
Origin South East Asia
Height  60cm
Pot size Tip for a small plant 

Choose a pot cover with a 12cm opening 

Pot size tip for a medium plant Choose a pot cover with a 18cm opening