Known for its air-purifying prowess, Global Green Pothos creates a healthier, fresher atmosphere. Unveil the magic of this exotic gem and experience a touch of tropical serenity right at home. Discover our range and elevate your green haven with the Epipremnum Cebu Blue today!

Perfect for Bedroom / living room / bathroom / kitchen / corridor
Light required Highly adaptable and will manage in low light. Will grow best in bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn its leaves
Water required Twice every week
Toxicity Toxic if eaten
Grows to 5+ metres
Pot size tip Choose a pot cover with a 15cm opening

All our plants come without pots, but can be added. If you'd like the pot that's pictured with the plant, just press 'with pot' and we'll add it to your order. If you'd like to browse all the pots we stock, please visit our pots page.