With its mesmerizing blend of fiery red hues and lush green foliage, this tropical wonder is a statement piece for any indoor oasis. Not only does it add a pop of color to your space, but it also purifies the air, promoting a healthier environment. Thriving in moderate to bright indirect light, the Ring of Fire is a resilient plant that requires minimal care, perfect for busy plant enthusiasts.

Perfect for Any bright room! 
Light required Best in medium light, but very versatile. Can tolerate bright light, but not direct sunlight. Perfect for shady spots
Water required Once two inches from the top of the soil is dry
Toxicity Toxic to children and pets if eaten
This is a hybrid of various Philodendron varieties. While specific information about its exact origins may vary, it is likely cultivated through selective breeding to enhance its unique traits, including its striking red and green foliage.
Grows to
Around 4 feet
Pot size tip Choose a pot cover with a 14cm opening


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