Fans of designer bags will enjoy this one. The Philodendrum Birkin is the ideal choice for any creative, graphic designer, illustrator or lover of the arts due to its beautifully unique paint brush strokes that scatter the leaves. 

Each and every Philodendrum Birkin is unique, like a snowflake. Each plant holds different pigments to the next and you'll never find two with the same stripes or shade of green. 

Due to the recency of this plant being discovered, the name Birkin actually originated from the famous Hermes Birkin bag. The founder of the plant owned the same colour bag, so called it the Birkin. 


Scientific name Philodendron Birkin
Common name Philodendron Birkin
Perfect for Any room with medium/bright indirect light
Light required Requires bright, indirect sunlight. Doesn't cope well in low-light conditions and its leaves will turn a very dark green
Water required Once every week
Toxicity Toxic to children and pets
Grows to 3ft in height
Width of pot required 13cm


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