Pleiospilos Nelii Split Rock Succulent

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With its distinctive rock-like appearance and drought-resistant nature, the Pleiospilos Nelii is both an eye-catching decor choice and a resilient survivor. Native to South Africa, the Split Rock Succulent stores water in its unique leaf pairs, making it a low-maintenance marvel. Discover the artistry of nature and invite this captivating succulent into your space today for a touch of intrigue and enduring beauty. Explore our collection now and bring home your very own Split Rock Succulent.

Perfect for

Sunny windowsills 

Light required A bright or sunny room is best
Water required Make sure that the soil fully dries out in between waterings
Toxicity  Non toxic
Origin South Africa
Grows to 2-3 inches tall and wide
Pot size tip  Choose a pot cover with a 6cm opening


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