The Umbrella Plant is best known for its umbrella like foliage and for its air purifying qualities. They are simple to look after and will even tolerate some neglect too. 

Perfect for   Any room with relatively bright windows
Light required Best in bright indirect light but will tolerate some degree of shade
Water required When most of the soil is dry then water thoroughly. Make sure the roots are not sitting in water
Humidity  Is happy in normal household conditions but will be extra thankful in raised humidity too.
Toxicity Considered mildly toxic
Origin Taiwan

Pot size tip large plant Choose a pot cover with a 14cm opening

All our plants come without pots, but can be added. If you'd like the pot that's pictured with the plant, just press 'with pot' and we'll add it to your order. If you'd like to browse all the pots we stock, please visit our pots page.