With its trailing nature, the Tradescantia Quadricolour adds a dynamic touch to any space, whether hanging from a basket or cascading down a shelf. Easy to care for and a joy to behold, this colorful wonder is perfect for plant lovers seeking a striking and low-maintenance addition to their collection. Let the Tradescantia Quadricolour bring a burst of rainbow-inspired beauty to your home or office.

Perfect for  Hanging from a hook in a ceiling or letting it drape from a shelf
Light required Bright indirect light is best. Low light will make this plant produce regular green leaves
Water required Allow the top few centimetres dry out in between waterings
Humidity happy in high humidity but doesnt really need it
Toxicity Considered pet safe
Origin South America
Grows to 3-4 metres
Pot size tip
Choose a pot cover with a 19cm opening (includes a detachable hook)

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