Known for its resilience and adaptability, this drought-tolerant plant thrives in various conditions, making it perfect for busy plant enthusiasts. The Yucca is not only a stylish décor choice but also an air-purifying powerhouse, enhancing your indoor environment. Take a Yucca home to complement your style and enjoy the benefits of this eye-catching and easy-to-care-for botanical gem.

Perfect for

Busy plant enthusiasts and great for a dark or bright office space! 
Light required Any low or bright light conditions will do! 
Water required Make sure to only water it when the soil is fully dry! Approximately once every 2 weeks
Toxicity Toxic if eaten
The Americas and the Carribean
Grows to
A slow growing tree will eventually reach a height of 2-3 metres indoors.
Pot size tip Choose a pot cover with a 14.5cm opening